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How To Stay Fit When You’re on Vacation

Just because your long-awaited vacation is coming up, doesn’t mean you have to take a break from your diet and workout routine. Stay on track with these tips.

1. Do your research

Where will you be eating? What does your vacation destination have to offer? Plan ahead and fill your itinerary with a balance of indulgence and healthy meals. Do your research and look for restaurants that you can go to, and alternate “sinful” meals with healthier ones. See if you’ll have diet-friendly food easily accessible from where you’re staying, and if not, look for alternative options.

2. Schedule physical activities

Stay in a place with a gym, but better yet, schedule experiences that’ll make you work up a sweat. It’s always nice to explore a new town, city, or even island on foot. Go on walking or even biking tours if you’re seeing a new city. Headed to the mountains? Most mountain destinations have numerous hiking trails accessible for tourists. Going to the beach? Take a walk or go for a morning run along the shores. Feeling more adventurous? Take surfing lessons in the ocean, go skiing, and many more. You’ll enjoy the rush of adrenaline and ticking off items on your bucket list.

3. Don’t overdo it at every meal

Sticking to your diet doesn’t mean you have to be a killjoy. If your accommodations come with a breakfast buffet every morning, doesn’t mean you have to skip it, but you don’t have to pig out either. Stick to your regular portions, and keep your plate filled with lots of greens, fruits, whole grains, and proteins, but stop at one plate if you’ve eaten enough! Keep your food intake balanced—if you had a very indulgent lunch meal, keep dinner light. When at a restaurant, choose something that won’t make you regret eating it when you come home, and if the servings are too big, don’t feel obliged to eat them all.

4. Drink lots of water

Be vigilant about getting enough fluids as you go on vacation. It prevents heatstroke and dehydration, and it keeps you from overeating, too. In case bottled water is unusually expensive, buy gallons of water at a nearby grocery or supermarket, and pack a tumbler or a small jug to fill up before you leave your hotel. Don’t succumb to juices and soft drinks that might come with meal deals—you don’t need all the extra liquid calories! When choosing a drink for cocktails, try ditching the fruity mixers and sodas and go for simple lemons or plain ice instead.

5. Pack snacks

That vending machine, hotel bar, or dessert café might be super tempting when you’re looking for a snack between meals—so don’t go looking for temptation. Pack trail mix and unsalted nuts in your bag, so that you’ll always have something to tide you over til the next meal. Chances are, your next meal will be a big one, too, so go for the healthy snacks to leave space for your next big meal.

Trisha Bautista is a freelance writer, food and product stylist, social media manager, and violin teacher. She was formerly editorial assistant and social media editor for Women’s Health Philippines, and the assistant lifestyle editor and social media editor for Cosmopolitan Philippines. She enjoys discovering easy recipe hacks, working out by herself and trying out DIY workout programs, traveling outdoors, and enjoying wine and whiskey.