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May 25, 2016
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7 Must-Have Fitness Apps

Looking forward to getting fit? Whether your goal is to tone up, lean out, build muscle, or just get moving more often, we’ve found you the best fitness apps to use. The good news is, they’re free, easy to follow, and will make working out that much easier. We found a range of apps (available for both iOS and Android) that’ll be like your own personal trainer. They’ll get you through your workout or diet, help you measure your progress on your fitness journey, and get you closer to achieving that fitness goal you’ve been chasing.

1. Couch to 5k

Starting from the bottom of the fitness ladder? Don’t fret—we’ve all been there. Making the decision to get fit is a big feat in itself, so let this app help you. Running is a great start and this app will literally get you from your couch to crossing that 5k finish line. This free 8-week program gives you three workouts a week to prepare you to run a full 5-kilometer distance at its culmination. So go on—sign up for the next local fun run and download this app to get you to the finish line. Trust us, it’ll feel great.

2. Nike+ Training Club

This (completely free!) exercise data app has hundreds of exercise routines to follow, complete with how-to videos and step-by-step instructions brought to you by some of the world’s best trainers, coaches, and competitive athletes. Choose from a vast range of workouts that can go for as long as 45 minutes or as short as 12 minutes, with different goals—Get Lean, Get Strong, or Get Toned, with a mix of plyometric body weight and circuit training workouts that require little to no equipment. Want to follow a program? You also get a create-a-program option if you want to give your routine some structure.

3. Sworkit

Feel like your schedule is so unpredictable that you can’t get a work out in? Sworkit solves that problem for you. Choose from hundreds of exercises and customizable routines that’ll depend on how much time you have, what your goals are, and your level of experience. You can go from as short as five minutes to a full hour, and the app randomizes your routine each time you work out. It’s easy to follow, too—the app follows your workout and counts you down throughout the whole routine.

4. Fitnet

Sooo busy you don’t even have 15 minutes to spare for a sweat session? No such excuse with FitNet. The app offers you a big range of five to seven-minute workouts so that you can almost literally workout anytime, anywhere. Not sure about your form and if you’re doing the exercise right? The app has a special feature that measures how closely you’re following the movements on the screen.

5. Stronglift 5x5

If you’re looking to build some serious muscle by going through the weightlifting route, this no-nonsense app would be great for you. This app eliminates the need to remember your gains by writing them down or listing them down on your phone. It keeps track of your exercises, the number of reps, rest time, and current weight you’re lifting. You also get an option to automatically alternate between workout days, as well as track how heavy you’re lifting as you progress.

6. Daily Yoga

If you love yoga and meditation, but hate the hefty price studio classes usually come with, install this app on your smart phone, stat. This app gives you access to more than 50 high-definition yoga videos, each with a specific target and area of focus: from making your core stronger, to strengthening your arms and legs, or even just getting those stubborn muscles to stretch. Need a guide? The app also has a library of over 50 poses you can study and work on as you work on your practice.

7. My Fitness Pal

The road to fitness comes with a good nutrition plan—or at least a well-balanced diet. My Fitness Pal is one of the most popular calorie-counting apps in the world, and for good reason. With over 6 million different kinds of food (from the kind you find in almost any kind of store to those you get in restaurants) in their database, tracking what you eat becomes a breeze. The app works like a food diary that allows you to log exactly what you eat throughout the day, giving you a running tally of your total calorie, fat, sugar, salt, vitamins, and water intake per meal and per day. You can track your daily exercise, too, and the app will warn you if you’re eating more or less than what is recommended for your body type. If you can’t find exactly what you cooked on the app, you can even add your recipes to the database and the app calculates the nutrition facts based on the ingredients you used.

Trisha Bautista is a freelance writer, food and product stylist, social media manager, and violin teacher. She was formerly editorial assistant and social media editor for Women’s Health Philippines, and the assistant lifestyle editor and social media editor for Cosmopolitan Philippines. She enjoys discovering easy recipe hacks, working out by herself and trying out DIY workout programs, traveling outdoors, and enjoying wine and whiskey.