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4 Reasons Why Optimum Sleep is The Key to Better Health

“Sleep is for the weak,” you tend to hear this from people at work all the time. Yet while you wish to work more in exchange for sleeping less, you're doing more harm than good. Not only do you pass up on much needed rest, your body doesn’t get the chance to rebuild itself—something it does during your night time snooze. Here are four reasons why you should get the recommended 7 to 8 hours a night to keep yourself in healthy shape.

Better weight control

Getting more sleep at night helps you maintain your weight—it even helps you shed a few pounds. That's because the hormone leptin, which responsible for making you feel full, drops in levels when you don't get enough shuteye. You end up feeling ravenous, making you opt for high-calorie foods to feel satisfied. In general, people also tend to be lazier when feeling tired and as a result, you might opt to skip exercising or preparing healthier meals on days you slept less.

It regulates your mood

When you lack sleep, the things that don't usually annoy you can get you irritated, which can then lead you to act irrationally, a study from the University of North Carolina found. After studying a group of nurses who slept less than six hours the night before compared to those who got enough shuteye, researchers found that those who slept less tend to snap at co-workers or display deviant behavior at work. Scientists conclude that lacking sleep affects your ability to self regulate your emotions. So, keep calm and sleep more, then.

You’re less likely to get sick

When you log in enough quality sleep, you're less likely to take sick days from work or school, according to research from Finland. In the said study, men who slept the optimal duration (7 hours and 46 minutes) every night only called in sick at an average of six days a year compared to those who slept less. Lack of sleep compromises your immune system, which in turn puts you at risk to a slew of health problems. Also, getting enough shuteye allows your body to recover from the effects of stress on your day. Do yourself a favor, hit the bed and restore.

Your memory gets a boost

Ever had a day when you seem to have forgotten even your own name? Well, that could be because you didn't sleep enough! According to the Harvard University School of Medicine, the stages of sleep are involved in the consolidation of different types of memories. When you're sleep deprived, it reduces your learning capability and you're less likely to retain information you've encountered during your day and recall things you already know.